Saturday, September 12, 2015

Motherhood and restrictions that are unnecessarily imposed

Motherhood is indeed a great experience, but somehow many people around the expectant mother forget about her mental wellbeing. A mentally & physically happy mother can carry a healthy and happy baby in her womb. Restrictions are unnecessarily imposed on the mother and keeping her indoors can only suffocate her. It is highly essential for peers & relatives to keep the lady happy and her moods up. Many a time s, gender biasedness also aid in keeping pregnant women in restrictions. Let's not forget that it is the formost concern of an expecting mother to keep herself & her baby safe, so when she goes out she also has some responsibilities towards her baby. Moreover, she is physically not well and let us accept the fact that carrying babies 24x7 for an entire period of 9 months is a tough job. If she tries to do something that can help her cope with this difficult situation, why not people allow them to do so?

Friday, May 25, 2012

An innocent Warrior

Deserted from my motherland
living with the aliens
I am an innocent warrior
who wants to cherish the memories
with his beloved
who wants to see the sunshine
& a bright sunny day
the claps of happy children
the sweet chirps of birds

but what he got was roughness & toughness
wounded and healing organs
sadness,death and fear
& a deserted land
with blood everywhere..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing Misha Mags....

While remembering my childhood, the first thing that appears my mind is my meek appearance with red ribbons tied on my oil-soaked black hair, a white shirt and a blue skirt as school uniform with black ballerinas. A pink birthday dress was my dream but no one gifted me that.

However, I was blessed with this excellent hobby of reading books and possessed several books and magazines. One of those gifted books was 'Misha', a 30-35 page little magazine with colorful illustrations and fascinating stories. from folk stories to sci-fis, Misha was a book full of dreams. In those days, we couldn't think of owning a book like Misha, with glossy pages and captivating language. Misha was perhaps the most favorite mag among the children across the globe in 1980s.
Few days back, I found this blog where I got few old editions of Misha. The blog link is provided below-

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leadership: A step further to the way of success

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

_John C. Maxwell

Leading a group is a tough task to do. Not everyone has the inborn quality of leadership. However, one can develop it gradually with the relevant knowledge and experience in the field. A thorough understanding of the needs of a group can be counted as the primary virtue of a leader. Most of the times, the leadership quality is misunderstood by the people. People think leadership quality means subtly dominance, arrogance or class-distinction. The negative notion of leadership, as explained by various people, is developed by the experiences derived by various society structures & cultures. People think that the leaders need not to do anything and a mare order is all they have to do, while enjoying the power & position of the post. However, a true leader has plenty of responsibilities & jobs to be executed.

Leaders are born, not made.

Many leaders in the world’s history were born, as if they knew leading people right from their cradle. Narendranath Dutta had the leadership qualities from his very childhood which made him lead the world with his ideas and Principles as Swami Vivekananda. He was not only a brilliant scholar, but a genius leader who showed the world the path of unity & brotherhood, and a great religious & social reformer of India. The principles & ideas of Swami Vivekananda were deeply influenced by the vast knowledge he had gathered and the obvious intelligence he had. The further guidance of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa helped him to nurture his leadership skills.

Being a leader, one has to sacrifice a lot. Many a times, it can be family, friends, etc. A true leader dedicates himself for the community wellbeing and not his own. However, for few leaders-“Policies are many, principles are few, policies will change, principles never do.”

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to My Soil

I always wanted to establish myself as a writer and a painter. Writing was (and my passion. I always feel that writing, dancing, painting, etc. is a form of expression...of your inner feelings..your pains..your happiness. While you write,write for yourself. While you draw, draw any damn thing to make yourself happy. While you dance, release yourself and enjoy the moment. Do anything and everything you like to do,not to please others...but 'YOU'. It's been long I have not written a single word in my blog. Why?It's just because I was not in a very sane mental state for a while,and thought what will I write.

However,I am back to my blog and have decided to I found this space can act as the best stress-buster for me. I will write for myself. Of course, I welcome all the readers and fellow bloggers who have helped me with their valuable suggestions to comment on whatever I write and motivate me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Camel Snus

While smoking you intake oodles of unhygienic nicotine. But if you get a smokeless tobacco which is flavored and spit-less, and is comparatively less harmful than chewing tobacco or nicotine, you will always want to have it anyhow.

Snus: Snus is actually a Swedish word used to refer the moist snuff. This snuff is primarily manufactured and consumed in the countries like Sweden and Norway. Snus is subjugated to a particular heating treatment process that stridently reduces the micro-organism content from it. Till 1981, fermentation process was not introduced to this particular product.

Camel Snus: Snus is basically a smokeless and spit-less product, and therefore is liked by the young people. Unlike chewing tobacco or cigarettes, Snus affects comparatively less. The Camel Snus is manufactured in Sweden by British American Tobacco PLC.

It is a smokeless and spit-less tobacco derivative, which has approx. 0.4-1.5 grams of tobacco which is pasteurized and portioned, and then available into powdery form into small pouches or bags like that of the teabags. In order to use Camel Snus, just put the pouch between the inner cheek portion and the lower portion of the upper lip for a duration of few minutes to hours as per your choice and can seduce the aroma of the product as well as the nicotine content.

The Camel Snus manufacturing venture was solely started by RJ Reynolds on 28th April 28, 2006, and the product was initially introduced in the areas of Austin, Texas and Portland Oregon. This Camel Snus was further introduced to eight more states. In the month of May, 2008, RJ Reynolds took Camel Snus into the key markets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Washington, D.C. The next step was the introduction of Camel Snus to the world. This could be only possible if the brand is advertised and promoted well. For that, Camel Snus used the print medium to advertise, and till February 2008, Camel Snus was advertised in a printed form. But this was not satisfactory and not a viable marketing source.

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