Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to My Soil

I always wanted to establish myself as a writer and a painter. Writing was (and perhaps..is) my passion. I always feel that writing, dancing, painting, etc. is a form of expression...of your inner feelings..your pains..your happiness. While you write,write for yourself. While you draw, draw any damn thing to make yourself happy. While you dance, release yourself and enjoy the moment. Do anything and everything you like to do,not to please others...but 'YOU'. It's been long I have not written a single word in my blog. Why?It's just because I was not in a very sane mental state for a while,and thought what will I write.

However,I am back to my blog and have decided to write..as I found this space can act as the best stress-buster for me. I will write for myself. Of course, I welcome all the readers and fellow bloggers who have helped me with their valuable suggestions to comment on whatever I write and motivate me.