Friday, July 18, 2008

Your eyes

I have seen your eyes shining with life

Living in a slum one may wonder

How you had that spark in your eyes

But amazingly, you had it,

Swaying the crowd and making your path

You always had the winning attitude

Devoid the fact you are a slum-dweller

Hunger and poverty were your best friends

Your most cherished dream was bread

And most likable hobby being earning it

Still you played, sang and danced,

You hoped, you dreamed,

And facing the daily nightmares, you screamed.

But as the gloomy night turned into a shining day

All your nightmares were swayed away,

You begin restoring all your hopes and dreams

For a new song and a new play..


deblogger said...

hi priyanka, never knew this poet within you...great going...keep it up...just one thing

"Your most cherish dream was bread"
yes, this is a line from your "Your Eyes"... a poet should have all liberty to do whatever she likes to do (and not to do)with her work...but, i wonder, if that "cherish" was put by mistake and you missed one 'd' that would make the word as "cherished"...

hope, you didn't mind....

once again.... keep writing...

Priyanka Choudhury said...

hii..thanx 4 pointin' out the I guess while writin' it, I wrote widout noticin' d thing ..u aptly said..will mend it ASAP..& thanx 4 apriciating d effort.. :)

Soumodeep Chatterjee said...
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Soumodeep Chatterjee said...

your poems are heart touching and thought provoking. however, you need more clarity and perception in this regard. just go on writing such pieces, and you will develop them soon. your writing can soon generate the young masses.

Jamal Bhar-er KOBITA said...

very nice indeed.