Friday, August 22, 2008

Camel Snus

While smoking you intake oodles of unhygienic nicotine. But if you get a smokeless tobacco which is flavored and spit-less, and is comparatively less harmful than chewing tobacco or nicotine, you will always want to have it anyhow.

Snus: Snus is actually a Swedish word used to refer the moist snuff. This snuff is primarily manufactured and consumed in the countries like Sweden and Norway. Snus is subjugated to a particular heating treatment process that stridently reduces the micro-organism content from it. Till 1981, fermentation process was not introduced to this particular product.

Camel Snus: Snus is basically a smokeless and spit-less product, and therefore is liked by the young people. Unlike chewing tobacco or cigarettes, Snus affects comparatively less. The Camel Snus is manufactured in Sweden by British American Tobacco PLC.

It is a smokeless and spit-less tobacco derivative, which has approx. 0.4-1.5 grams of tobacco which is pasteurized and portioned, and then available into powdery form into small pouches or bags like that of the teabags. In order to use Camel Snus, just put the pouch between the inner cheek portion and the lower portion of the upper lip for a duration of few minutes to hours as per your choice and can seduce the aroma of the product as well as the nicotine content.

The Camel Snus manufacturing venture was solely started by RJ Reynolds on 28th April 28, 2006, and the product was initially introduced in the areas of Austin, Texas and Portland Oregon. This Camel Snus was further introduced to eight more states. In the month of May, 2008, RJ Reynolds took Camel Snus into the key markets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Washington, D.C. The next step was the introduction of Camel Snus to the world. This could be only possible if the brand is advertised and promoted well. For that, Camel Snus used the print medium to advertise, and till February 2008, Camel Snus was advertised in a printed form. But this was not satisfactory and not a viable marketing source.

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