Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing Misha Mags....

While remembering my childhood, the first thing that appears my mind is my meek appearance with red ribbons tied on my oil-soaked black hair, a white shirt and a blue skirt as school uniform with black ballerinas. A pink birthday dress was my dream but no one gifted me that.

However, I was blessed with this excellent hobby of reading books and possessed several books and magazines. One of those gifted books was 'Misha', a 30-35 page little magazine with colorful illustrations and fascinating stories. from folk stories to sci-fis, Misha was a book full of dreams. In those days, we couldn't think of owning a book like Misha, with glossy pages and captivating language. Misha was perhaps the most favorite mag among the children across the globe in 1980s.
Few days back, I found this blog where I got few old editions of Misha. The blog link is provided below-

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