Saturday, September 12, 2015

Motherhood and restrictions that are unnecessarily imposed

Motherhood is indeed a great experience, but somehow many people around the expectant mother forget about her mental wellbeing. A mentally & physically happy mother can carry a healthy and happy baby in her womb. Restrictions are unnecessarily imposed on the mother and keeping her indoors can only suffocate her. It is highly essential for peers & relatives to keep the lady happy and her moods up. Many a time s, gender biasedness also aid in keeping pregnant women in restrictions. Let's not forget that it is the formost concern of an expecting mother to keep herself & her baby safe, so when she goes out she also has some responsibilities towards her baby. Moreover, she is physically not well and let us accept the fact that carrying babies 24x7 for an entire period of 9 months is a tough job. If she tries to do something that can help her cope with this difficult situation, why not people allow them to do so?

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Nayan Basu said...

How did I miss this one? I wish you wrote on the same topic now. How to do look at motherhood after becoming a mother. Would love to Know about it.