Monday, February 18, 2008

How to Combat Anger

Anger is one of the major emotions which can hamper the mental peace of any individual. An expression of anger becomes more difficult at times, for both the person exhibiting it the one who is being the target. Often this can result to severe mental as well as physical problems. History tells us that anger dethroned many kings and killed many. Let us find out if there is any way to combat anger.

Causes of Anger

Anger is primarily caused when you are unable to cope up with the present situation.

Though there are countless reasons of anger, the primary ones are -

•Feeling frustrated-

You feel frustrated for not getting or reaching a goal you expected, you may develop anger.

•Feeling degraded-

You feel that others are not paying any respect to you or your ideas, emotions, sentiments, etc.

Consequences of anger

Who is not aware of the damaging consequences of anger? Anger is an emotion and getting angry is a natural phenomenon. But the expression of it may cause severe damage. One can get easily violent and maybe, can harm anybody both physically and mentally. One can harm oneself in the same manner. Usually unexpressed anger can lead to severe mental as well as physical problems. So, reconsidering the long-term devastating consequences of getting angry, one must balance anger and must try to avoid it as far as possible.

Types of Anger

Generally types of anger vary from person to person. Generally anger is followed by revenge, often by silence or often by verbal warfare. But according to the psychologists, there are primarily three types of anger:

• In order to defend oneself when one feels tormented

• Reaction when somebody harms you by unfair treatment

• Habit that is one's natural instinct

How to combat it

•Listening, listening and listening-

Yes, listening to others' point peacefully works miraculously. While you make an eye-to-eye contact and listen politely and peacefully, the person tends to develop a kind of respect to whatever you say.

•Avoid verbal attacks-

Ever so often, when you are into any kind of discussion supporting or opposing a viewpoint, it generally happens that you get easily excited and loose control over your tongue. This leads to abusing and attacking each other. If you can avoid verbal attacks you can easily combat your anger.

•Communicate a lot-

Communication mends mental gaps. So, communicating freely and making others understand your likes, dislikes, views, etc. may help. Usually, there are certain things that you have a fear of expressing due to various insecurities. This situation leads to misunderstanding. And this misunderstanding often causes anger.

•Avoid using controversial or abusive languages-

While you are with your friends, relatives or in any gathering, you often tend to use words and phrases which tend to hurt their sentiments and emotions. Often the listener feels you are showing disrespect to her.

Last but not the least, a magical trick. Whenever you feel angry, just count 1 to 10 before you express it. You will find as soon as you finished counting, your anger is vanished. You can also drink a glass full of water whenever you feel angry.

Keep smiling!

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